Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Sirena Scott


Welcome everyone.
     Ms. Scott has appeared in number of bondage/fetish projects for Erotic Distress, In Bondage, Gagged Torment, Hunter's Lair, and, to name a few. Hope you will find this interview interesting. Thanks.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

Sirena Scott by Jon Woods; pic provided by AmericanDamsels.comHow long have you been a fetish model?

Almost 5 years.

How did you become involve with fetish modeling?

I answered an ad for a catfight fighting video in the LA Weekly. It was being filmed at Tori Sinclair’s home and she gave me a lot of contacts.

Just what intrigues you most about doing fetish modeling?

I think it is more erotic and sexually stimulating than seeing “normal” porn. Any girl can spread her legs and show pink for the camera, but only a certain amount of girls can be tied up.

How many fetish (bondage) websites and videos have you appeared?

A lot………. do you want me to name all of them? I think it would be easier to do a search on Google!

When you are offered a fetish assignment from a website company, what do you look for from them. I.e., the company's professionalism or popularity in the industry, more exposure for your modeling career, if they have excellent bondage (rigging) experience, or other reasons?

Whether or not they will pay is always my first consideration. Then I look for a referral from another model if bondage is involved. Professionalism is also very important as well as knowing what they are doing.

What type of storylines do you look for from the assignment, I.e., damsel in distress storyline, a love bondage storyline, or other types of stories?

It really doesn’t matter as long as they don’t try and throw porn into it. (I.e. blowjob, toys or some kind of penetration). Bondage and porn are two different things yet crazy Americans try and lump it all together.

Which type fetish assignments have you worked on, i.e., spanking videos, foot and leg fetish videos, female domination videos or other assignments?

I have done bondage, legs/foot/shoes, pantyhose & stockings, tickling, smoking, humiliation and domination, trampling & face sitting, golden showers and toilet slavery.

Is there a fetish still photographer, video director, a fellow model, or website company you hope to one day work with?

I have been trying to get Jim Weathers to hire me, but he won’t for some reason! I’d like to work with Fetish Nation too! I’d also like the chance to work with Stacy Burke.

When you on a fetish assignment with a still photographer or video director, is every safety concern addressed before the shoot?


What bondage position is your personal favorite, i.e., the hog-tie, spread-eagle, standing strappado, bound in a chair, or other?

They all sound good!

What gag is your personal favorite to be silenced with, i.e., with duct-tape, or the ball-gag, penis-gag, cloth-gag, or other types of gags?

I don’t like O-ring gags because they make me drool a lot, but I know the fetish guys like that. I have never used a penis gag….would like to try that.

What is your favorite material to be bound in. I.e., leather restraints, cotton/nylon rope, duct tape, cloth strips, or other types of restraints?

Rope is the most comfortable as well as cloth.

What type of bondage do you prefer to be place in, I.e., mild bondage, tight and immovable bondage, totally extreme such as suspended from an overhead bar or head beam?

As long as I’m not in a great deal of pain after 5 minutes, it’s all good.

Have you experience any positive or negative reactions from John Q Public or Joe and Mary Six-pack. If for example you recognize walking on a street or shopping at a grocery store?

My bad experiences have been with photographers, not the public. I have never been recognized on the street that I know of….

What advice would you give to new models planning to enter the fetish-modeling field?

If you are a young girl, I would wait a few years before trying fetish because it takes a certain mindset and some of the bondage guys can be rough (and a few don’t like women very much)! Also, you really should have something to fall back on. If you think you’re going to get rich doing this, think again! There are too many models and younger is always better according to that awful Hollywood standard.

Thank you Ms. Scott for a great and terrific interview. Hope to see more of you in the future.

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