Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Renee Pornero


Hello Everyone,
     Today I’m posting an interview I had with the exuberant and delightful adult erotic/fetish model: Renee Pornero formerly of, now operates her equally terrific  Ms. Pornero has a successful career as both an adult/erotic actress and as a fetish model in the United States and European Union.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

How long have you been involved with adult/erotic modeling and acting?

I am in the adult industry now for about 5 five years, but did only photo shoots until the end of 2001. Since then I concentrate on movie productions.

How many adult/erotic videos and magazines have you appeared in to date?

I have done more than 100 movies since now, but have rarely been featured in magazines besides interviews. Most of my features are found on websites. 

What do you enjoy most about adult/erotic modeling and acting?

It’s the whole lifestyle. A lot of traveling, new people every day, new sexual experiences, a little bit of stardom and good money. The mixture makes it!

When you receive an offer to appear in an adult/erotic production, what factors do you consider before accepting the assignment -- the company, the director, the health of your fellow actors/models, the pay...?

First of all I check out if the company is well-known. I want to make sure that they are not producing crap. After that I check the payment and see if it’s worth it. But I can’t choose the talents I am working with. Fortunately I already know most of them. 

Because European countries have a little more liberal views on human sexuality, is perhaps why you have a larger fan base in say Germany and Poland than in the United States of America?

I don’t consider Europeans to be more liberal even though a lot of people see it like that. I have as many fans in the States as in Europe. I just do a lot more promotion over here since I don’t shoot a lot in Europe. But both of them like me for the same reasons. Because I am down to earth and have no attitudes and I love to do interracial scenes. 

In what would you say American video productions need improvement on, in comparison to their European counterparts?

In my opinion it’s even the other way round, but I wouldn’t consider American movies to be of a higher quality in general, since I have already seen fabulous European work. Just in case of gonzo flicks US companies are a little more far ahead.

Why did you make the transition from fetish modeling to more adult/erotic modeling? 

I am still interested in both but the adult industry just provides a better payment and a lot more jobs. That’s it!

Were your fetish fans disappointed or supportive with your choice to limit fetish-modeling appearances? 

I always separated those two things, so I actually never got feedback on this. In fact, "Renee Pornero" has nothing to do with my character in fetish modeling, so my former fans don’t even know that I changed the biz. But in the meanwhile I also use my name for fetish-concerned projects.

What (if anything) do you miss about fetish modeling?

I miss getting dressed up most. The styling itself has always been the most important part of it. I just love fetish clothes and still wear them in private life.

May your fans expect to see more fetish modeling appearances from you in the future?

Whenever I do own projects I try to keep it a little fetish-related. If I got the chance to direct movies, fetish would always be the main topic. Let’s see what happens.

Since you’ve started writing and directing your own adult/erotic video production to release in the near future, do you plan on doing more production work in the future?

Directing would be like a dream comes true. So if there’s enough positive feedback on my first movie I definitely will go on with shooting own productions.

What advice would you care to share with novice models entering either the adult/erotic or fetish modeling field?

Don’t do it for money and always watch out for black sheep! It’s a great job, but also very dangerous…

Thank you Ms. Pornero for an insightful interview, for you do have an excellent body …of work that all us appreciate, and can’t wait to see more of. Take care.

Renee Pornero's work can be enjoyed at