Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model



Hello everyone,
     I recently had a interview with fetish model rising star, Pandora of I’m certain that she will make her mark in the world of fetish modeling.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to introduce…… Pandora!!!

Tell us about your career.

I began modeling at My husband and I thought would be a good place to get started to learn about taking better pictures as well as learn how bondage websites operate. We made some great friends, learned a lot about digital cameras and editing programs, experimented with different areas of bondage we had never tried before thanks to fans requests. I think it is something I want to continue doing and will perhaps start my own website someday. Most of all I think it is great fun.

How do you feel the internet has changed fetish modeling?

I think the internet has made the fetish modeling community larger. It is a way that we have acess to look up events in our community as well as meet others online. We have the opportunity to chat online to others about questions and new ideas as well as exchange pictures and gain new friends.

Where do you think fetish modeling on the 'net is headed?

I think fetish modeling is definitely growing. There are so many different forms of fetish modeling from the delicate Japanese rope bondage to the general rough hog-tie. There are so many different roles as well for fetish models to play. I think it will continue to grow as the imagination is unlimited.

Where do you think fetish modeling on the 'net needs to improve?

I think we as fetish models ourselves have a responsibility to inform people of being safe, sane and consensual when playing in bondage. Educate yourself on the risks and dangers of play with others, which (may) include disease. I think there is always room to improve by listing places where people can go to educate themselves on these issues. Even a banner on a fetish modeling page that one could click on to take them to a (web)site that will help them educate themselves before trying something new would be an improvement to the community.

Thank you Pandora, for an enjoyable interview.

Pandora now has her own website at WrappedInBondage and a yahoo group Pandoralicious!