Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Natali Demore


Interview by Jon Woods

Natali Demore in bondageDo you have your own websites? How long have they been on the web?

Yes I do.  has been online for a year and 3 months. I had another paysite a couple years back but since then I have changed my focus to bondage and it's been great!

Do you have any personal fetish interests? If so, when did you become aware of them?

I am a fetish diva and I embrace many fetishes. Fetish number one with me is bondage (is that a fetish?). A helpless girl is so delicious to tease. My number two fetish is feet; and along with my foot fetish comes a love of strappy sandals, stiletto heels, boots and stockings. I love giving and receiving foot worship for my slaves that are worthy of that pleasure. My fetishes also include in no particular order: corsets, leather, uniforms, and flogging. Fetishes I would like to try that I haven’t fully explored yet are latex, tickling and shaving.

How were you first introduced to fetish modeling? Did you begin as a photographer or model? How did you make that transition?

As photographer. Then I did some art modeling and from there I decided to start my own website.

Which do you prefer these days - modeling, taking still photos, or video production?

Modeling and taking still photos. Both are creative in different ways.

Which photographers or directors (not necessarily in the fetish business) do you like? Who has inspired or influenced you?

Ken Marcus has inspired me for bondage photography. As far as my earlier work, Cindy Sherman was a great inspiration with her self portraits.

What was your first bondage shoot like? Do you have any memories of it that stand out?

Yes I do. My first bondage shoot was a glamour shoot at first then the photographer told me he was going to start a bondage website and asked if I wanted to be his first model. That site is still up, although it hasn't grown much over the years.  Needless to say, I've returned for lots of shoots for that site and others.

What other types of fetish shoots have you worked on? Did you seek them out? And did you ever explore an unfamiliar fetish and find you enjoyed it?

I've worked on foot fetish and pantyhose fetish and I've come to enjoy both fetishes a lot.

Has your fetish/erotic career caused any conflicts or problems when you apply for or work on fashion or glamour assignments?

No problems because they usually don't ask.

Which do you like to do more - being tied, or doing the tying?

I think I prefer doing the tying but it's a close tie between the two - pun intended, LOL ;-)

Is bondage or fetish a part of your personal life as well as your professional life?

I practice light bondage in my personal life and good use of a crop and spanking - but its not as intense as the play on my site.

Are there any well-known fetish photographers, video directors, or models you hope to work with someday?

Photographers - Steven Hicks, Suze Randall, Christophe Mourthe, Andrew Blake
Models - Ashley Renee

What bondage positions, rigging materials or gags do you prefer for yourself?

My favorite position for myself is either the hogtie or lotus tie.

Do you have any favorite rigging materials or gags to use on the other models when you're directing?

Positions that leave her open in all the right places - spread eagle, lotus, standing with a spreader bar between the legs. I like to use ball gags, ring gags or dental gags.

How do you find the models for your sites?

A variety of ways mostly through other model referrals or OMP or by fan requests.

Do you have any favorite memories from your bondage shoots, either as a model or director?

Yes my first or second shoot for my website! 

My first lesbian bondage session was with a knockout leggy blonde. She brought her boyfriend to watch. We had a big crew that day; photographer, a rigger and his girlfriend, and a lighting assistant. It was summer and we were in the warm garage with no air conditioning. She was tied up with a spreader bar between her legs, wearing black stiletto heels, a breast harness and her wrists were cuffed and chained to the ceiling. I played with her nipple clamps and gave her a good paddling then got out the Hitachi wand – a powerful vibrator that makes any girly cum in about 10.35 seconds. I gave it to her good and made her cum several times. I realized she couldn’t take any more than 3 orgasms because her legs started shaking and she was squealing in her gag every time it got close to her clit. I finally let her down, removed her big red ball-gag and she smiled at me and said “that is the most amazing vibrator”. She immediately went over to her boyfriend; whispered something in his ear, got down on her knees in front of him, pulled down his shorts and gave him head right there with the whole crew watching! 

When you're at a bondage shoot, do you contribute creative ideas or input, or make requests? Do you like to do that, or do you prefer that someone else make all the decisions?

Typically when its a shoot for my site I'm the director and I've planned the scenes the day before. I write the scripts and direct the model as we go along.

When I'm the hired bondage model for someone else, I sometimes offer suggestions if I get the feeling that would be appropriate.

Do you let the models make suggestions at the shoots you're directing?

Of course! Sometimes I ask for input.

Do you feel mainstream entertainment has become more "kink friendly" lately?

Yes and No. It still has the feeling that we're perverted in a bad way, then there's others that do it and give us a good light like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Family Guy.

Is there anything you haven't done yet on video that you'd like to do?

Hmm you sure you want to ask me that? LOL - how about fisting (giving), and pissing in a slavegirl's mouth? Ok I just did that last one with Ken Marcus yesterday so you can cross that off ;-)

What advice would you give to novice models or producers planning to enter the fetish modeling field?

Networking is the name of the game. Don't be afraid to email a photographer out of the blue for a shoot. And don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing and having millions of people see you do it. 

Thank you for the interview, Natali!

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