Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model



Hello Everyone,
     I’m posting an interview I did with the exotic, effervesce, and sensational erotic/fetish model: Ms. Kumi. I personally found her interview to be very delightful, intelligent, and exuberant. I’m sure many of you will feel the same.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

Kumi by Ikaras Jones - photo courtesy BondageJones.comHow long have you been involved with fetish modeling?

Oooh. For quite sometime actually. Almost 10 years I guess. Heehee!

What intrigues you most about fetish modeling than say fashion, or editorial modeling?

First and foremost it’s about sexuality-actually, the sexual objectification of inanimate things. Not that other types of modeling doesn’t exude sexuality. Fetish modeling is just one aspect of modeling. I have to be in the correct mood to work usually. The photos are better when I’m in the right mindset. For me, it’s more than just tossing on a shiny dress or high. I enjoy my kinks. The more a model is comfortable with herself and has an understanding and appreciation of the particular fetish involved, then I think the photos comes across much better.

When you’re offered a fetish modeling assignment, what do you consider before accepting the assignment, i.e. the pay, model referrals, more exposure for your career, or other reasons?

I consider all of it. But first and foremost I ask myself if it’ll be fun. Then the rest weigh in. Also, I need to the artist’s work in case I might think it’s crap.

Do you considered yourself to a dominant or submissive personality?

I’m not a submissive. I do bondage modeling as well, but I’m just a rope bottom-but definitely not submissive.

Whose fetish modeling career do you most admire?

Um…no one really.

Due to the constant competition from television, adult/erotic videos and other fetish websites. Do you receive more sexually graphic and explicit fetish assignments than you first began your career as a fetish model?

Actually, I used to strip/dance and the adult entertainment world seemed a lot more open then. Now I suppose I’ve gotten used to being around pornographers and people in more mainstream work that I don’t notice it as much. Are there more offers? I wouldn’t say that, but there’s always someone wanting to push your limits. It’s up to you to say, “no”.

What bondage position is your favorite to be placed in, for example the hog-tie, the spread-eagle, the standing strappado, bound to a chair, or other position?


What type of gag is your favorite to silenced with, i.e. ball-gag, bit-gag, cloth, duct tape, O-ring-gag, penis-gag, or some other?

Gags are not my type of thing! They give me a big double chin. But if I had to pick, then me a cloth/cleave gag.

What type of material do you like to be bound in, i.e. leather restraints, cotton/nylon rope, duct tape, cloth strips, or other?

Hemp rope. I love shibari.

Since the release of the film ‘Secretary’ which dealt with fetish themes which some consider taboo from a mainstream film company. Do you personally feel that more mainstream film companies/makers should develop love theme fetish films?

I like that movie a lot. I didn’t like the character starting out with the problems she had because it made it seem like her troubled issues are what started her on the path bdsm, but otherwise I really enjoyed the rest of it. The more positive films out there dealing with fetish and kink, the better it is. There are already mainstream pay channels that have those weekly shows hyping sexuality and different kinks-I’ve been on them. But although they’re fun for thirty minutes, they are still generally exploitation and sensationalism. They want people to watch so the message that comes through the screen is not ‘look at this aspect of normal sexuality’, but ‘hey check out these uninhibited, low moral, freaky people, that do crazy you can make fun of’.

What advice would you give to beginning fetish models planning on entering the fetish-modeling field?

I got into it without advice coming from anywhere. I made the right choices and kept good company. I’d would suggest the same. And if that doesn’t work then: Tits up, ass out, suck in your gut and act like you want it.

Thank you Ms. Kumi for this interview, it is very enjoyable. You truly are an original.

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