Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Genesis Lynn


Hello Everyone,
     I'm posting an sensational interview I had via email with Genesis Lynn of  , and co operator of the excellent annual Fetish Con convention. The interview speaks to Ms. Lynn's modeling, business entrepreneur career, and the success of the Fetish Con. I'm sure you'll find the interview as informative as I did.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

How did you become involve with modeling and how did it lead you to your fetish modeling career?

It was mostly happenstance that I found this side of the lifestyle, the net was never anything I thought about when thinking of bondage in my personal life. I have been involved with BDSM in some way or another in most of my relationships since my late teens. The modeling side of it came as more of a surprise to me than anything I had planned. I had been dating a man who was working toward starting a bondage website. At that time I had never put what I do for actual work (graphic design) together with what I did in my personal life. After the relationship ended I experimented with a lot of self-bondage. From there I began looking on the net for websites and I found Vesta and I started talking and we became quick friends. When Vesta moved from Florida to the East coast she and I got together for my first true bondage photo shoot. After that I was hooked. I had my own website at the time, (aka which was mostly a fan site, with a lot of self-bondage photo sets that I did for the people who came by to check my site out. I started shooting with other models and developed my site into something I'm really very proud of. I love being able to work with all of the girls, ok like I'm going to complain about tying up beautiful women. I don't think so! The rest as they say is history...

What led you to become a fetish business entrepreneur rather than choosing to stay with modeling?

I have always been more comfortable behind the lens instead of in front of it, granted I am sort of an exhibitionist at heart, but when I started really getting into it, I found my love was the production side of it. I love rigging, and being able to mesh different styles into what I do. I have found a huge love of Damsel in Distress bondage and it's the storylines that I love developing. It came naturally to move behind the camera because I wanted to try and capture what was in my mind in the pictures and video that I shot.

Were your fans supportive of your decision to end your modeling career and becoming an entrepreneur?

I have never ended my modeling career, I am in photos on my own website quite regularly. I love being the bad girl. I get to abduct, kidnap, and grab the girls and tie them up too. For me it's really a wonderful challenge and honor to be able to have my hand in every aspect of my website. 

Because you were entering an industry primarily dominated by males, have you experienced any resistance to your operating a fetish website or business?

I have had people ask me this before and my take on things is slightly different. I believe very strongly that the industry is truly dominated by the women, both in front of the lens and behind it. Without the models what does anyone have? It's really all about the girls in the business. The ones who can act and emote stand out clearly. The business has changed a lot since I wander into it back in 2000, but even so... I say it's all about the girls! As a woman from a business stand point, I have always been very conscious of how I am looked at as a "fellow producer" and I think sometimes people think they need to "help" me because I just a woman. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I enjoy the challenges of my work and I enjoy being able to do what I do. As I said before, I am a graphic designer by trade so to speak, so I think I have a very good feel for what's hot and what's not. It's great to be able to join my two loves and work in this industry.

What do you enjoy most about working as a webmistress or a director of a fetish project, and what you miss most about modeling?

What I enjoy most is the creativity that I have with my work, whether it is shaping my own website and adding new features to it, or designing a website for someone else in the industry I get to let my creative side take over. It goes without saying that when it comes to shooting the girls, I love laying down the storylines I have kicking around in my head. Each new girl I work with allows me to express something different. I have had the pleasure of working with 125 women in this business and each has taught me something. As for modeling... I never ventured into it more than shooting for myself or for my business partner, Vesta. I have shot with a few other people, one of which was David Klein from, who was a lot of fun to work with, but I think most other producers overlook the fact that I am a model too. I don't promote that side of myself. So, I don't really miss anything... I have the best of both worlds because I get to have fun and model on my own website.

Why did you decide to develop and organize a fetish convention when there are a number of fetish conventions -- both adult erotic and fetish ventures -- already in operation?

Yes, there are a lot of adult and fetish conventions already in operation, however back in early 2001 when we began developing Bond Con NYC (which is now known as Fetish Con), there was not a convention for bondage lovers. There was no avenue for fans, producers, and models to come together and share their ideas and experiences. When Bond Con NYC kicked off in October, 2001 we had no idea how it would go. It was our very first convention and the very first of its kind to try and bring the people in our genre together. By the end of the three days we knew it was a success. We started plans for our second annual convention that was held in New York back in June of 2002, and that was even bigger than the first. With each year that Vesta and I have been doing the conventions we have found that there are so many sub-fetishes that do not have the opportunity to be a part of the existing conventions already running. So, after our third convention in New York in March of 2003, which drew people from all over the country and the world and busted the seams of our original location, we knew we had to grow. We also had a problem using our old name, so when Stacy Burke offered us the Fetish Con name it was like fate had sealed the decision for us. Stacy has been such a wonderful friend and she's always given 150% to the convention. She's an unbelievable woman!

After establishing the fetish con's excellent reputation in New York for the last three years, why was the choice made to relocate the convention to Tampa, Florida?

The choice to relocate the convention to Tampa, Florida happened for two reasons. First we outgrew the Crowne Plaza in New York so we would have had to find a new location. We tossed around what to do and where to go, after our third con we knew we needed a lot more space to be able to expand the convention into what it's become now. Secondly, Vesta and I decided we wanted to move to warmer weather! Vesta is from Florida, so when she suggested it, I thought the idea was great. We have found a fantastic venue hotel in Tampa, the Double Tree Westshore, which has allowed us to finally grow and include so many more fetishes into the mix. We couldn't be happier with the move, Florida is very kink friendly and we've been welcomed by just about all of the local groups and organizations. It's really been wonderful for us.

Are the fans and participants of previous Fetish Cons looking forward to attending the convention in Tampa Florida?

The fans... what can I say. Without them where would any of us be? For Vesta and I it's always been about them and making sure they have a fun time. We have a standing tradition for them alone that it is the Fan Photo Shoot. I have run it every year and it's the one event that I look forward to the most. For many fans they have only been able to look at the models online. This gives them the opportunity to become the photographer and because the models have always been so great, we've had some fantastic times during that event. It's the one thing people have always commented on and written us about since we first did it.

What advice would you care to share with novice models and entrepreneurs planning on entering the fetish industry?

Ok, this is a hard question... Everyone is so different and comes from a diverse background. It's hard to give anyone advice because their experiences will not be the same as mine have been.

The one thing I do tell new models is to first and always know who you are working with. Ask for references and check them out! Their personal safety and well being is paramount. Make sure you look at the website you'll be working for, ask for a user name and password and check out their members area of ask for a photographers portfolio.

Being lazy or too frazzled to find out what will be expected of you on a job will only end badly for everyone.

I also tell new models that they need to be vocal and speak up when something is wrong or is maybe uncomfortable. There's no way to know if they do not tell the person they are working with.

It's always good to get an idea for what the producer wants. Ask questions! No question is a stupid question.

As for a new producer just starting out. Take time to look at the genre you're trying to break into. Ask other producers for advice!

Ok, this next comment will sound bad, but as a graphic designer and someone who designs sites for a living, I have seen some crappy looking websites out there! If you're serious about getting into this, then treat it as a business and not as a hobby. Be professional in everything you do and know that your website is your first impression. If it looks like crap because you wanted to cut corners and do it yourself and you have no idea what you're doing... then it will show and it will reflect back on you. You may take the best picture in the world, and you may know how to rig better than anyone around, but if someone can't find your stuff because your website is a mess then you might as well not even bother. Know your market and take the time to find out who else is out there, new websites open daily, heck I think hourly sometimes. So, have a realistic goal and you'll be fine.

Ok, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for letting me babble, I hope I haven't been too long winded. :)

Thank Ms. Lynn for a very informative and interesting interview, one that I’m sure the readers will enjoy.

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