Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Eve Ellis


Hello Everyone,
     I'm posting an extraordinary interview I had with the exuberant and curvaceous model Eve Ellis of I found Ms. Ellis's interview to be insightful and provocative, I'm sure that you will find it delightful as I did.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

Eve Ellis menaced by Jon Woods - pic provided by BedroomBondage.comWhen did you first become involve with fetish modeling?

I got involved with fetish modeling by accident. I was working as a cocktail waitress and was accused of stealing (adding $2 to my tip on a credit card); they wanted to get rid of me because of something my boyfriend, who also worked there, had done. Needless to say I was fired and having a hard time finding work in Los Angeles so I answered a newspaper ad for 'nude modeling'. It was an agency that got me two jobs then started sending me on porn shoots telling me they weren't and thinking I would just go along with it. One of the jobs however was an HOM shoot where I met Ariel Cole. She was extremely cool and gave me my start with three bondage producers' phone numbers. I've never had the chance to thank her for that in person but I've been working ever since.

How long have you been involve with fetish modeling/acting?

I've been modeling since 1996 with the exception of about a two-year break in between. It doesn't seem like I've been doing it that long at all!

What intrigues you most about fetish modeling than say fashion or editorial modeling?

This one's a long answer so bear with me. The main thing is that I never wanted to be anything other than an actress, model, singer, entertainer of some kind. I grew up loving the idea of 'Glamour'…the Golden Era of Hollywood, pinup, old films, etc. My Grandmother and Mother called me Sarah Bernhardt because I was always soooo dramatic about everything I said and did. I walked on my tip toes at age 5, pretending to wear high heels all the time and wouldn't let my heels touch the floor (now you know my secret to being able to practically play sports in 6" stilettos). I began collecting costume pieces around 15 and though I was too small to fit into them, I knew I would wear them one day. I saved them, moved them around with me until I started in this business, then finally dug them out and shot in them. At 18 I realized I wasn't tall enough to be a runway model, loved acting but didn't want to be 'just an actress'. I've always enjoyed things that were a little dark, mysterious, underground and off-beat so all things considered, fetish modeling seemed a natural choice for me. The thing I like most is that I have more control in both the work I do and the direction I'd like my career to go. Artistically, I don't think I'd be able to accomplish the same things in the fashion world. Besides, fetish has better wardrobe anyway!

How many fetish or other type of modeling assignments do you accept or perform in a month?

These days I'm shooting about five or six times a month but If there's a concept I really like or something I want to do badly enough, it becomes more than that.

How do you best advertise your modeling talents or skills to potential photographer/webmasters, i.e. the internet, your own fine reputation as a model or other?

My website is the best tool I have to advertise my modeling since it has the full spectrum of almost everything I've done. Fortunately I learned a lot about promotion early on and have begun another massive, nonstop promotional onslaught. The internet has definitely made marketing easier but it seems photographers and websites are more likely to show interest in someone who has a wide range and broad appeal than say a couple great pictures.

What factors do you consider before accepting a modeling assignment, i.e. the pay, the reputation of the webmaster/photographer, video director, or other considerations?

I take reputation and professionalism very seriously, those are the first considerations. If someone seems a little fishy or I've heard bad things about them from more than one source, I won't take the assignment. Safety goes along with that, if I don't feel 100% safe I won't do it. There are also questions I ask myself like "is this something I'm well suited for?", "will this benefit my career or detract from it?" and "is this something my fans would want to see?" Pay can be good but it usually means you don't end up with anything else to show for your effort. I'm very much about longevity and have been fortunate to retain rights to most of my pictures, mainly because of choices I've made of content over pay.

How often do you update the photo sets and mpgs on ?

Since I returned from my break around December/January, I've been doing at least 3 content updates a week and 1-2 bonus updates (artwork, stories, etc.) in between. That's just my work alone, not to mention the other sites that are included with membership to and the extra content and features provided by my webmaster, which update daily. A complete redesign is also underway, the site is going to have a whole new look and feel to it...very stylish with improved functionality. It's a pretty good deal, especially with all the new, unique and original content I've got. Lately it's been hard to decide what to update with, I get excited about all the new stuff!

Do you plan to do more video directing, script writing, or other video production work in the future?

I have so many ideas in my head about the future, it's hard to narrow them down. Lately I've been thinking a lot about being on the other side of the camera, it'd be nice to tell someone else what to do for a change! Video is huge, I've been more involved with that as well as clothing designs and even some writing. I guess it's safe to say all of the above and more.

What safety factors should a model consider before accepting a modeling assignment from either a well-known or amateur photographer/webmaster?

What's worked best for me is to be clear and upfront about the details, let them know what you are and are not comfortable with from the beginning so there's no miscommunication later. Always get references before accepting an assignment and photo samples help so you can see what kind of shots they look for as well as what you might be getting. As far as professional vs. amateur, the way I've come to define that is how they treat you. A professional respects your limits and an amateur is always pushing them. Of course the unfortunate thing is that most often you can only learn that from working with someone. If I could, I'd have a chaperone at every shoot, I always bring one to TFP shoots but sometimes it can be inappropriate for paid gigs.

What advice would you care to share with novice models entering the adult/erotic or fetish modeling industry?

Try to retain content as much as you can rather than going straight for pay and make sure you have a good webmaster or can do it yourself. You wouldn't believe how many sites and girls I've seen come and go due to webmaster or legal issues. Set clear limits for yourself beforehand and don't compromise, the fetish industry can be great, fascinating, exciting and full of opportunity as long as you're true to yourself first.