Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model



Hello Everyone,
     I had a very creative and informative interview with Daisy from Daisy's website is bondage lover’s dream of mouth-filling gags and tight, almost inescapable bondage. You should check it out for yourself.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

How long have you been involved with fetish modeling?

I got into bondage modeling in 2001.

How were you first introduced to the fetish community and fetish modeling?

I was introduced to the world of bondage by my internet boyfriend when we met for the first time after talking for two years on the phone. He tied me up and gagged me with duct tape wrap around and put lots of clothespins on my tits. It was incredible and I loved it and still do.

Why did you choose fetish modeling as a career?

I could not find myself doing anything else! I love doing bondage and I love being able to share what I love with others.

Which bondage position do you prefer to pose in best; the hogtie, spread eagle on a bed, the standing strappado, bound to a chair, or other?

I love the hogtie the best! Being bound and gagged in a tight hogtie is the greatest way to feel totally helpless and it makes me totally horny.

What is your favorite gag to be silenced with while posing; the ball gag, cloth/cleave gag, duct tape, bit-gag, or other?

My favorite gag is the ball gag, what a great way to be gagged. The build up saliva and drool dribbling down your chin, now that is helpless!

What binding or rigging material is your favorite to be bound in for modeling; nylon or cotton rope, leather restraints, handcuffs and leg-irons, duct tape, or other?

I love rope the best, but I like tape and handcuffs also!!! Any way to be bound is great!

Where do you get the inspirations for your photo sets?

My inspiration come from within myself and from Sal my boyfriend and photographer. We both love bondage and do it on a daily basis at home during sex.

When you develop a photo session for your own website, is every safety concern explored prior to the photo session?

I trust my boyfriend to make sure that there is no harm in what we are doing. There is never any concern for safety in any of my shoots.

What types of storylines or themes do you develop or plan for your photo sets; i.e. love bondage, damsel in distress, or other?

We focus on real bondage damsel in distress type! My bindings are always tight and real, I can’t get free and I love it.

Is there a fellow model fetish model, still photographer, video director, you wish to work with on a fetish photo/video project?

Not at this time, I am just loving my own work and bringing my form of bondage to you.

Why is your website so popular with its customers? 

My website is known for the two-gag guarantee per set and people like that! My members love my expressions and my knack for looking like a real bondage victim.

My ties are tight and are very well done thanks to Sal’s knack for the ropes.

Do you plan on developing a career behind the camera as a still photographer, video director, or as a multi media artist?

I love being in front of the camera but I will be doing work behind the camera also in the future as other models are brought to Daisy in Bonds.

...Or will you also develop a career outside of fetish modeling, such as a graphic artist, dancer, writer, or other?

I also have another career but I do not wish to reveal it at this time.

What advice would give to the future fetish models and photographers planning on entering the adult/fetish modeling field?

I would say be yourself. If you are not really into it then don’t do it because A true bondage lover can tell if you don’t like what you are doing. Make it real and use it in your everyday affairs, live the part.

Thank you Daisy, for a truly inspiring and informative interview.

Daisy's site can be seen at