Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Claire Adams


Interview by Lorelei

Claire lifted by Ikaras. Image by permission from BedroomBondage.comThank you for interviewing with B&G!  First off, do you have your own website?  So that our readers can go take a peek.

Yes. I have my personal site, and a Livejournal so everyone can see what I am up to… and read my feelings on current events, which is .

How did you happen to get into doing bondage and fetish work?

I always knew I was kinky from the get go... that something was not normal or typical of how a child views sexuality. Growing up was much of the same. I read my first BDSM genre book at 15, "Different Loving,'' by Gloria Brame and sought out bdsm relationships exclusively from then on. When I was 18, someone in a foot fetish enthusiast group suggested I shoot for Insex.  I contacted them, and the rest was history. I was undeniably and unequivocally hooked.

My experience with fetish work started soon after with magazines, foot fetish work (a sincere perv of mine), and being a painter’s muse. Many interesting things continue to unfurl on a constant basis, I am always surprised to see what comes next!

What was your first bondage shoot like? Do any memories about it stand out?

Many memories stand out for me and my 5 year modeling history with Insex. The first shoot I did is still to this day one of the most difficult ones I have done yet (an image from this shoot is on my site)! It was a very severe hogtie where I was basically suspended and my feet nearly touching my shoulders. The next day I did my first suspension, which
was only by my hair! It was quite an event and something I masturbated for years about!

What's a typical bondage shoot like?

Well let's see… depending on what we are shooting, makeup takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes. I usually come in with makeup already on and do the finishing touches in the studio. When I first arrive, we generally discuss a brief overview of what we want to do and anything special, then we get at it. I prefer to have short breaks in between sets,
so I like to just work set through set to not break momentum. After having a great shoot I am very hungry and love to eat then take a very long hot bath!

What bondage positions do you prefer? What's your least favorite position?

I love the feeling of being stretched, so I really enjoy positions that work on strength, flexibility, or physical endurance- much like a sport. My favorite arm positions are strappado and reverse prayer and body position, a good hogtie.

I don’t think I have a least favorite position!

What type of gag do you most prefer? Which is your least favorite gag?

My favorite gag is a big giant ball gag! My least favorite is tape.

What do you like to do more - being tied, or doing the tying?

I love being tied. I am however also a sadist and fascinated with the endless complexities of bondage, so I enjoy both.

Did you learn to rig privately during play, or during professional shoots?


You have a partner who's supportive of your modeling career, and a gifted rigger. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

*smiles*  I have a wonderful partner who is an amazing rigger and renaissance man, Damon Pierce.  He has been incredibly inspirational to me. I love watching him tie, be tied by him and learn from him. He is wonderful!!!

Describe one of your best or favorite bondage scenes that you can remember.

One of my favorite rope bondage scenes was with Damon Pierce.  We were in the public dungeon at Thunder in the Mountains this past year. He did a suspended ball tie on me, and then gave me a big hug, wrapped his legs around me and suspended his weight on me.  It was incredibly arousing and I had an orgasm just from the sensation!

When you're at a bondage shoot, do you contribute creative ideas or input, or make requests? Do you like to do that, or do you prefer that someone else make all the decisions?

I love both concepts, but as long as the rigger does not object, I love making rope a collaborative project. I do not want any ideas I have to change the way they want the shoot to happen or to impact their personal aesthetic.  There are so many positions I want to try and love to share as much of my ideas with everyone as possible! It allows me to explore my personal fantasies as well as make some sexy stuff!

Who have you worked with? You don't have to remember everyone, just some. 

I would like to list riggers rather than sites - since none of this would happen without their amazing creativity.

Damon Pierce
Damon Pierce
Beauty Bound (site retired)
Bedroom Bondage
Jon Woods
American Damsels
Sir C, Cyd, and Pd
Insex (site retired)
James Mogul
Bryan Davis
Devonshire Productions (site retired)
Lew Reubens
Water Bondage
Jim Weathers
Bondage Cafe
Brigett Harrington
Rope Lover
Max of Seattle
Bondage Lessons
Emma Hui
Dangle Toy
Juliet Heart
Domination Dreams
Phil Carson
Sensual Distress

Besides bondage, what other types of fetish work have you done?

I have done balloon fetish, spanking, foot fetish, nylon fetish, female domination, and most recently natural latex examination gloves.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

There are lots of great sites out there and amazing riggers as well. I hope we continue to see bondage throughout the internet community and elsewhere!

It was a pleasure speaking with you and readers, if you have read this far, thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

Claire's amazing bondage work can be seen at her website,