Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Chrissy Daniels


Hello Everyone,
   This is an interview I did with the ever popular and busy glamour, erotic, fetish model Chrissy Daniels. Ms. Daniels is fun, delightful, and someone I think that I would enjoy doing a photo shoot with. From the interview, Ms. Daniels seems to be an explosion looking for somewhere to land.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

Chrissy Daniels - pic provided by Mr. Kato of BondageThemes.comHow were you first introduced to fetish modeling?

My first fetish playground was foot fetish photos-very easy and lots of fun.

Who was your first paying fetish/erotic assignment?

Bondage: (awesome guy!!!), Foot Fetish: ( - amateur pics I shot in my home and they paid me for them.) –Erotic- Hmm…Don’t remember-it’s been a long time, LOL!

How many fetish websites and videos have you appeared in?

Oh No…You want a list??? Ok …Let’s see who all I can remember … (my site),,, (I think that’s right) (Video),,,, (Nero’s Site),,,,,,,,, (loads of videos), (site died in 2001)

This may or may not be a complete list…My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten on the list!

When you’re offered an assignment from an erotic/fetish company, what makes you consider working with them?

Good references, a good rapport with the producers, if the shoot looks like it will be fun and exciting. There’s a lot of factors that go into a decision as whether or not I will work with someone.

What do you look for in an erotic/fetish assignment before you work with them?

Same as above-with erotic modeling-the photographer needs to have really beautiful work-I don’t want to shoot low-grade, boring; run-of-the-mill stuff-it needs to be vibrant, sexy, and enticing.

What type of storyline do you prefer to work on in a bondage assignment, for example; damsel in distress, love bondage, or other?

I enjoy sensual bondage more than any other form of bondage-it’s like taking a peek into my private life, where viewers can see me at play. Damsel in Distress is more of a challenge at times and very draining (emotionally)-so it depends on the mood of the day when it comes to choosing a theme when I shoot for my own site. (Note: I have really wanted to try the purest Shibari-but I haven’t gotten the chance to work with the person I most admire yet…heh.)

What type of bondage position is your favorite to be bound in, i.e. the hog-tie, the spread-eagle, the standing strappado, to be bound in a chair, tied bent over a desk or table, or other?

Ohhhh I’m still trying new things…I just know I’m not fond of being hogtied on hard surfaces-hurts my ribs a little bit, heh. Otherwise I’m just trying new things!

What type of gag do you like to be silenced with: the ball-gag, bit-gag, penis-gag, duct tape, cloth strips, or other?

I love my bit-gag! But I also enjoy a simple scarf gag/cloth gag and good small sized ball-gag also works great for me!

What types of binding material do you prefers to be bound in; i.e. leather restraints, cotton/nylon rope, duct tape, cloth strips, or other type?

Hmmm. depends on the (photo) shoot. My least favorites so far have been saran wrap duct tape. Otherwise I enjoy scarves or good rope!

When you work for a fetish company on a bondage assignment, do you agree to use a code or signal prior to the project?

Always!!! It’s very important to establish trust with the person who is tying me up.

Why do you feel that it is important to discuss using a code word or safety signal prior to an assignment?

Without trust in the person who is tying me up-I’d feel threatened and in too much danger to complete a project. You can never be too safe.

When you work with a fetish company on a bondage project, do you have any input on the development or creation of the storyline?

When I shoot for my own site-I have a LOT of input and it’s very gratifying. When I shoot for someone else-I usually get to put a little bit into it-but otherwise I’m just there as ‘talent’, heh.

Why did you choose to do fetish/erotic modeling as well as glamour modeling as a career?

If I stick to one genre, I’d get bored too quickly and retire.*shrugs* I like to keep things going in different directions.

Is there a well-known fetish photographer, video director, fellow model, or company you hope to one-day work with?

Yes!!! I would love to work with Midori and Michael Blue one day-they make every photo a dream…I’ll keep my fingers crossed…I also love Steve Diet Goedde-his work is beautiful and original.

Did you know that Vesta of said she hoped to one day work with you on a bondage project?

Hehee! I got to shoot with her earlier this summer and she was awesome! I adore Vesta so much!!! (Gives smooches to Vesta and Genesis).

Due to the constant competition from cable, movies, adult & fetish websites, are you often asked to perform more sexually explicit photos and videos than when you first started your erotic/fetish career?

Yes-unfortunately, that’s the nature of this business. People always wanting more…I stick to my guns and only do shoots that won’t embarrass me later.

Who was the most professional fetish company you have ever worked with on a bondage project?

Ohhh… I honestly don’t know…I’ve enjoyed almost every shoot I’ve done and I’d venture to say about 75% of the people I shot with totally top-notch professional-the other 25% were people who were starting out and even they awesome!

By the same token, who was the least professional fetish/erotic company you have ever worked for?

I won’t name any names…No mud slinging for me. I’ll just say in 5+ years of modeling, I’m bound to come across one or two people who I won’t get along with.

Why did you decide to develop and operate your own fetish/erotic website, instead of staying a hired gun?

I always enjoy getting to creative control over how I am presented to the public. My mate is a wonderful and inventive designer so natural move for us to want to do this on our own. It’s a labour of love-and believe me-we love it! There’s nothing better than having people tell you love your work!

When you find an unauthorized copyrighted image of yours of on some other fetish website, is it difficult if not impossible to get it removed?

I’ve dealt with this a few times… it’s difficult, frustrating and turns me into a mean, mean, mean little person…Thieves make it harder for all of us!

If and when your fans see unauthorized image of yours on another fetish website, do they at first believe you’re endorsing that website?

Unfortunately, I’m sure some would of them would…I hope they would contact me and let me know so I can get it taken care of.

Have you ever worked in Europe or Asia on a fashion, erotic, or fetish project?

Not yet!

How often do you update your photo gallery on your website?

I update almost everyday-check my ‘What’s New’ page to see what’s going up on what day!

What other types of fetish assignments have you worked on, i.e. spanking, female domination, foot and leg worship; or other?

I’ve done foot fetish, smoking fetish, light flogging, stockings/pantyhose, clamps, clothespins…I’m always trying something new!

Has your fetish/erotic career cause you conflicts or problems when you apply or work on a fashion or glamour assignment?

Not so far! I’ve been very lucky with that. I don’t actually do any mainstream fashion work because I’m too short-so my work is primarily glamour/erotic and fetish.

What are your long-term goals or ideals in the fetish/erotic, fashion, and glamour industry?

My goal is to make as many people happy as I possibly can in my lifetime. That goes for my personal life as well as my professional life. I figure I’ll do this as long as I can-that maybe a year, or maybe 5 years, it all depends on how things go!

What advice would you give to beginning erotic/fetish models planning on entering the modeling field?

Always check references. Always bring an escort. Always communicate-openly and honestly. Be kind and straightforward. Don’t back down when it comes to your limits and only do shoots that won’t hurt you later on. Keep yourself healthy and happy, and above all else, remember to have fun.

Thanks Ms. Daniels for delightful and funny interview. Let’s all hope she continues to enjoy her career and never retires.  You can see more of her at!