Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model



Hello Everyone,
     I'm posting a sensational interview I had Ms. Autumn, co-owner of the fantastic fetish store The Sub-Shop. It has a wide assortment of leather and metal restraints, gags, sexual devices, lotions, potions, fetish clothing, and other items you might need for your partner or for yourself. Check the Sub-Shop out for yourself at and her Yahoo Groups at AutumnInBonds and AutumnInBonds2.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

How did you first become involved with bondage, what was your first experience?

I first realized that I was a submissive when I was 17, after watching (the film) 9 ½ weeks. I never felt comfortable enough with my sexuality, partner or body to do bondage until I was with my Master/husband at the age of 22. Our first night was quite a night. I still have the ripped nightgown in a memory box!

How did you become involved with selling fetish merchandise?  Why did you and your partner create the Sub-Shop?

When we started back in 1997, there were very few shops on the net selling quality bondage products. They either charged too much or had terrible quality – sometimes even both. I was just getting into bondage and was very put off by all the darkness and unloving sites out there. I wanted to create something different and show bondage and sex in a good light.

We worked hard and still do, but it’s worth it. We have gotten tons of letters over the years from couples who say our site helped save their marriage. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others feel more comfortable with themselves and with their partners.

Do you and your partner manufacture some of the leather restraints, gags, and straitjackets you sell?

Absolutely. It’s a labor of love!  We love making new designs! Coming up with new names is always a favorite activity around the office! We are very blessed to love what we do and to be so good at it!

Do you product-test all the restraints, gags, and other items before you offer them for sale in your shop?

Absolutely! Some people have a toybox – I have a toy dresser(s)!

What can a customer expect to find when visiting your fine website or shop?

I hope they find a safe, comfortable, inviting and fun place on the net. We want all of our visitors to enjoy themselves and to relax and relish in their sexuality. Sex is a wonderful thing. It brings couples closer together and the most magical gift of all, our children comes from it. We want to celebrate that side of life and to acknowledge that not everybody likes to do it with the lights off in the missionary style!  There is more to life! We want to support and show our love to the BDSM Community which has always been so good to us!

We have free personals, pictures, product reviews, how-to’s, my personal diary entries, polls, stories, poetry and more. Did I also mention the literally thousands of great sex toys, bondage gear and fetish lingerie we have?

What can I say….I love my job!

Have you and your partner experienced any negative feedback from your fellow retailers and area residents to your shop?

No, everybody has always been very supportive.

Why do you and your partner feel the Sub-Shop is still in business, while others have been less successful?

Because we care.

Do you enjoy modeling the items featured for sale at the Sub-Shop, and do you also model for fetish websites or plan to do so in the future?

I just model for us and I LOVE IT!  Where else can I get to play with so many cool toys! I only model for us because my husband is the photographer and I don’t think Master would allow me to model for anyone else. (I’m His!)

What advice would you care to share with novices seeking to experiment with bondage, or those wanting advice on how to tell their partner that they are into bondage and wishing their partner to try it?

Relax, communicate and enjoy it!  We actually have an entire article on just this subject at the site. It’s called …How to Get your Mate into Bondage.

Thank you, Ms. Autumn, for a simulating interview, I'm sure the members can't wait to check out the Sub-Shop for themselves at

Alternatively, if you are in the area, please visit Autumn & Co., 1914 Albert St., Racine, Wisconsin 53404.  I'm sure they'll enjoy meeting and serving you.