Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Amber Michaels


Interview by Lorelei

Amber Michaels - photo courtesy of BondageJones.comHow long have you been doing bondage and fetish modeling?

For about 6 years.

And do you have your own website?!

Why did you decide to develop and run your own website, instead of just working for others?

Because I have a lot of sides of my talents and there are times I want to express them just the way I want to for my fans. It is great having creative control sometimes. Besides my work to me is an art form and I love to explore all the avenues within it.

You have a partner who is supportive and participates in your bondage work. Tell us a little about your teamwork.

We're great together. He anticipates all my needs as I do with him. And working together gives us more time to play with our wilder sides. It's a big turn on for both of us.

What was your first bondage shoot like?

It was a little scary since I'd never been tied in my personal life. But I found it a very big turn-on. I always loved fetish attire, so I think I knew that deep down I loved the kinky stuff.

Do you engage in any special preparations for your bondage shoots?

I stretch when I get up and then take a long hot bath. The days with bondage can be a very strenuous work out and can leave you very sore for days. So I warm and stretch my body as much as possible to allow for more flexibility. I'm great at struggling so it is also important to be in good shape as to prevent injuries and to allow yourself to enjoy the ropes and not fight against them.

What bondage positions do you prefer? What's your least favorite position?

I love suspensions, frog ties, ball ties and many more.

My least favorite is hog ties... sorry guys. But I still do them anyway because they are so popular with the fans.

What type of gag do you most prefer? Which is your least favorite gag?

I like ball gags and ring gags.

I don't like the metal dentist type gags. To me they're not attractive and the metal feels weird in the mouth.

Which bondage work do you like better -- still photos, or video production?

I like both. I think the pictures are a small part of the story. But video allows the viewer to get involved.

What types of storylines or themes do you prefer to work on?  Love bondage, damsel in distress, sexual girl/girl themes, high fetish, adventure, glamour bondage...?

Wow tough question... Can I just say them all. Don't make me choose, it would be way too hard.

Describe one of your best or favorite bondage scenes that you can remember.

I love the one I did with Jon Woods that had all the little miniature men. At one point I was tied down to a bed and totally could not move and he placed all these little GI toys all over me. We both could not stop laughing. They kept falling into strange places on my body which made us laugh even more. Let's just say it was the funniest type of shoot I did and I loved the fact I was laughing through the entire time. That rarely happens.

During bondage shoots, do you ever contribute creative ideas or input, or make requests?

I do that very often. I think that sometimes it is inappropriate, but most of the time you can get even better footage if you work on ideas together.

Who have you worked with? You don't have to remember everyone, just some.

I have worked with Darla Crane, Anastasia Pierce, Eden Wells, Sasha Monet, Ashley Renee and many many others.

Besides bondage, what other types of fetish work have you done? Spanking, wrestling, female domination, foot fetish...?

Believe it or not I've done them all and still do. Recently I'm doing much more wrestling and that's a lot of fun.

Anything else you would like to say?

Just that I've enjoyed my modeling career with bondage and fetish and my fans are the best in the world. Thank you to all of you!!!!

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