Bound and Gagged

Interview with Bondage/Fetish Model

Alsana Sin


Hello everyone,
     Here's an interview I did with a truly fascinating model, Alsana Sin. In a short span of time, Ms. Alsana has appeared on some 20 plus websites, and has worked with some of best fetish photographers in the industry. I am truly glad that Ms. Alsana was able to find in her busy schedule to be interviewed.

-- Eric, Find and Bind All the Pretty Girls

How were you first introduced to fetish modeling, i.e. heard about it through friends, read about it in a newspaper/magazine article, or saw it on video?

Well, I have been a pervert my whole life and I just can’t seem to remember when I found out about the fetish world, but it was probably around the same time I got into Punk rock which was quite young. My introduction into the modeling scene was by Collin Rae. Collin was shooting my dance company and he asked me to come back and do some bondage and foot fetish modeling I dove right into it the business and have been going strong ever since.

How many fetish websites and videos have you appeared in to date?

I began modeling last February and have only done a couple of fetish and bondage videos and a documentary with Steve Diet Goedde and Collin Rae, which may be featured on HBO. As far as sites you can see me,,,,,, many of the sites,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’m sure I forgot some, but that is most of them.

What intrigues you most about fetish modeling than other type of modeling, i.e. fashion, headshots, or editorial?

Firstly, the fact that I get paid to get dressed up and tied up is fantastic! The people I meet and work with also intrigue me. Los Angeles is an amazing place to be in this industry. I have many loving and supportive friends who are models, performers and photographers. I have yet to experience any competitive or unfriendly people in the scene here.

When you’re offered a fetish assignment from a fetish website or video company, what make you consider working with them, i.e. their professionalism, their bondage (rigging) experience, more exposure for you, favorable word of mouth (about them)?

The consideration is pay as I’m trying to make a living. My rates vary depending on the quality of work, the amount of exposure and the possibility of publication. If someone is shooting me for content for my future pay site the quality is very important. I also make sure that they understand how to shoot a complete (photo) set for a website and that the concept is something I am sincerely interested in or excited about doing. If there’s rigging, the style is important as well as the context in which I am shot.

What type of storyline do you prefer with on a bondage assignment, i.e. damsel in distress, love bondage, or other?

I like to appear in distressed if it is sincere. The truth is I enjoy the bondage and I am usually either serene or aroused when in the cradle of rope. Sometimes it is stressful to hold a position and you can see it on my face, but deep down I like.

What other types of fetish assignments have you also worked on, i.e. spanking, female domination, foot and/or leg shoots, or other?

I never do domination as I am real submissive, and it is not in my nature. I do like to be spanked and worship girl’s feet. I’m arranging a shoot to submit to Leg Show Magazine very shortly.

When you work with a fetish website or video director, i.e. do you both agree to use a code word or safety signal prior to the fetish assignment?

Yes, I have no idea how it came about, but my safety word is pickle.

Is there a well-known fetish photographer, video director, or fellow model you hope to one day work with?

Well I think that most fetish models dream of one day working with Andrew Blake. Realistically I hope to work with Midori Fetish Diva of Luckily I’ve worked with most of my favorites more than once such as Steve Diet Goedde. I have also been in contact with others I desire to work with who are out of my area; it is a matter of getting to them.

What bondage position is your favorite to be place in, for example, the hog-tie, the spread-eagle, the standing strappado, being bound in a chair, or other?

I love the hog-tie as I have extremely flexible back and enjoy showing it off.

What type of gag is your favorite to be silenced with, i.e. the ball-gag, bit-gag, cloth strips, duct tape, O-ring, penis-gag, or other?

I really love duct tape, but my second favorite is a bit-gag.

mso-bidi-font-weight:normal">What type of material do you like to be bound in, i.e. leather restraints, cotton/nylon rope, duct tape, cloth strips, or other?

Rope is always my favorite, any kind as long as I cannot escape!

Would you say that bondage/fetish is a part of your personal or professional life?

Definitely both. I chose this profession because it is very true that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.

What do you think of when performing a bondage scene, for example do you get into the scene of being bound and gagged being held captive or wonder if you turned the stove off?

I try to enjoy myself. I like hearing the purr of the rope and listening to people talk about how they want to tie me next. I like being discussed like a work of art. I also like being teased by my top and told they will never let me go. I prefer to be blindfolded as it gives me less of an idea about what is going on.

Do you think that its past time that a mainstream film studio released more fetish love theme stories like ‘Secretary’?

Yes, there are plenty of books about BDSM romance, but not enough movies. Luckily, I am more of a reader than a moviegoer.

What advice would you care to share with novice models planning to enter the fetish modeling field?

Always have references from models you know and bring a chaperone to first time shoots. Do not get competitive, we are a community and should support each other.

Thank you Ms. Alsana for wonderful and inspiring interview. You truly are amazing person.

More can be seen of Alsana at her website,!